Join "The Heavies"

OUR MISSION is to build a community of people to honor a hometown hero; Charles Keating IV, and help his SEAL family through by building the "Arizona House" on the C4 Foundation Ranch. "The Heavies" will work together to achieve this goal by hosting events, procuring raffle items, and being donors directly to the C4 Foundation.

Benefits of joining:

  • Recognition on Live Heavy AZ website
  • Name engraved on paver at "Arizona House"
  • Recognition on C4 website
  • Live Heavy AZ Shirt
  • Live Heavy AZ Sticker
  • Live Heavy AZ Challenge Coin
  • Admission with a guest to kickoff party (11/4)
  • Admission to social events exclusively for members of "The Heavies"
  • C4 Flag


  • $2,000 tax deductible donation to the C4 Foundation 501c3
  • Entire donation directed to the "Arizona House"
  • Click here to make donation directly to the C4 Foundation.

Thank You to our Heavies:

    • Scott Price
    • Ben Lindquist
    • Elliott Simmons
    • RJ Orr
    • Taylor Borane
    • Casey Cutter
    • Brian Higgins
    • Craig Miller
    • David Leibowitz
    • Bobby Wuertz
    • Pete Proano

This cause was born from the concept of "paying it forward". We hope you are as excited as we are to be part of C4's hometown making a BIG IMPACT for his SEAL family by constructing the "Arizona House" at the C4 Ranch! Below are the details of becoming a member of "The Heavies".